Sunday, April 6, 2014

Project Quadruped

With Adreea Serban Chira as my CG partner in crime, we created this lovely creature called Fluffakka (fluffy alpacca). We designed it together, Andreea modeled it, rigged it using autorig, I animated it, then she rendered it and comped it. It was a fun project. Animation was challenging, since we had only 2 weeks to do it, but I strived for perfection and learned a lot. Here it goes.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Mid Year Test

Mid-year test - 5 days of animating :-)
I think my eyes are getting sharper, because I can already see things that are either missing or need improvement! Weehooo! Well, let's see what David Tart says, when I experience the pleasure of talking to him about my work!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

30 minute Roberto Challenge

Sooo.. I've tried my hands in Roberto's Challenge -> see
Which turned out not to be so easy - especially when you are under 30 minute time pressure.. (excuses, excuses..) But it's a great practice, and I will try to do some speed paints more often. But don't judge! Hey, I am an animator after all ;-))

Trailer Project - the Big Lebowski

Aaand.. comes our trailer project!
The aim was to take the essence of the film, and to make a trailer project inspired by it, in a different set-up.
I think it looks pretty neat ;-)

Here's bonus: my concepts X-D



Thursday, November 7, 2013

Emotion change

It's been a while, huh? Ah wait a minute, don't I always do that? I seriously need to get better at updating... Sooo... here it goes: I have a little update for you. This was a small, a few hour exercise we had to complete at the Animation Workshop today - change of an emotion/expression exercise.

I used a piece of acting in a shot from Pixar's 'Ratatouille' as a reference. 

'' Copy from the best and make it your own'' 

.. so that's what I tried to do :-) Though, as you can see, it turned out pretty different. My aim was not to copy the whole animation, but to focus on the face and to try to incorporate the face expressions used in Ratatouille's shot.

I started off with animating the face ( usually I start with the body, but since the focus was the face, I wanted to start off with it, also to try a different workflow). After I was happy with the face expressions, I decided to add the body (you can't just animate the face and leave everything else dead :-). And body animation was my own invention - for that I didn't use Pixar's reference.

While doing this exercise, I got curious how animation in Pixar looks like when broken down. So here are some of their breakdowns in one of Ratatouille's shots. Note how they exaggerate the extremes. Amazing!
When such extreme poses happen in animation, they most definitely last only for one frame. In theory it's difficult to see them if a film, but they have an impact on perception of the animation.
But the more you look at the shot itself, the more obvious they are and they actually seem to last quite a 'long' time. :-))

I had lots of fun with this little exercise, and I feel that I am making progress. Thanks for watching and for your always awaited and appreciated valuable feedback! Enjoy!